The Danetree Village Consortium
Delivering Daventry's Growth


  • Delivery of a high quality sustainable community.
  • High quality public transport links.
  • Catalyst for the regeneration of The Marches.
  • A proportion of affordable housing for key workers.
  • Public open space.
  • Funding improvements to local infrastructure, such as the Flore and Weedon Bypass through planning contributions.
  • Sensitive enhancements to Borough Hill.

The Danetree Village Consortium

The key features are

  • 5100 new homes, a proportion of which will be affordable.
  • Over 3000 jobs in a variety of sectors which will help boost the local economy.
  • Four new schools.
  • Local healthcare facilities.
  • District centres as a focus for the new community.
  • Large amounts of accessible green open space.
  • Dedicated facilities for young people.
  • New pedestrian and cycle links across the village.
  • High quality public transport links to the Town Centre and surrounding areas.
  • Flood control.